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Africa Renewal7 months

Women pastoralists feel the heat of climate change

Faced with the harsh effects of erratic weather patterns, some Kenyan women livestock farmers call for help By SHARON BIRCH-JEFFREY ...

Kwamboka Oyaro8 months

Why the #metoo campaign went cold in Africa

It was tearful. It was shocking. The #metoo campaign unveiled in 2017 brought to the core hitherto hidden stories about ...

Gemnet Staffwriter8 months

‘Standard’ makes newsroom gender friendly

A media company in Kenya has taken the bull by its horns by coming up with various approaches to ensure ...

Outsourced Gemnet10 months

Women in politics: Miles to go before parity is achieved

By Zipporah Musau In the fight for gender equality, women around the world have advanced in small and large ways. ...

admin1 year

Turning the Tide Against Gender Based Violence in Kakuma

The Director of the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in Tokyo, Ms. Kaoru Nemoto Japan has hailed the partnership between ...

Gemnet Staffwriter1 year

World celebrates women

On March 8 each year, women pause to reflect on their achievements and celebrate one another world over. This year theme ...

Kwamboka Oyaro2 years

Corporate boardrooms: where are the women?

  A lack of diversity afflicts most companies’ boards By Kwamboka Oyaro When a woman rises to the top rung ...

Outsourced Gemnet2 years

A director’s apology adds momentum to South Korea’s #MeToo Movement

SEOUL, South Korea — One of South Korea’s most prominent theater directors apologized on Monday for sexually abusing actresses, part ...

Joyce Mulama2 years

Rape trauma haunts Kenyan women after post-poll violence

Sexual violence cases against women and girls during Kenya’s most recent post-election chaos continue to raise concern with women leaders ...

Outsourced Gemnet3 years

Dozens of Burundi refugees killed in clashes with DR Congo forces

15 women among 36 Burundian refugees killed in clashes with Congolese security forces who allegedly fired indiscriminately at protesters